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Contact us today at 877-690-1595 if you need a full-service water damage restoration service, our company has been ranked several times (5 years) as one of the best businesses in Spokane.

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We are a local family-run water damage restoration business in the city of Spokane in northeast Washington. Our family is passionate about offering water restoration services in other communities: Spokane Valley, Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, Spangle and we are accepting even more cities! Our mission is to provide the best service in the most efficient and safe manner. We are insured and licensed which will assure comfort when working with us. It is our utmost priority to present our clients with exceptional results!

water damage restoration spokane
water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

water damage mitigation

Water Damage Mitigation

mold removal

Mold Removal

sump pump installation

Sump Pump Installation

leaks reparation

Leaks Reparation

odor removal

Odor Removal

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is our main service and we are the best in Spokane without any doubt thanks to our iirc certified specialists. Water damage restoration is all about repairing and restoring the water damage that was caused to a property, we have also an emergency service. After the water mitigation process our experts will reconstruct and rebuild your house through a variety of applications. This engineered process depends on many factors, such as the gravity of the damage, but usually it includes the following steps:

1.  Replacing walls and floor that are damaged

2. Eliminating all the mold and spots

3. Repairing roof damage and swelling of composite

4. At the end conducting humidity and moisture testing to be sure that the issues have been resolved

Fixing water damage has never been easier also for a disaster 100% guaranteed

water damage spokane

Water damage mitigation prevents harder damage to affect your property caused by hurricanes and storms. This advanced process consists of different steps:

1.  Removing furniture and materials that are damaged like a wet drywall and flooring

2. Disinfecting and cleaning salvageable materials (even black water) and in some cases even non-salvageable materials

3. Ensure the stability of the house

4. Extracting standing stagnant water with a drainage process and drying out the home with the best cleanup equipment (even for wood and carpets)

5. Protecting the integrity of the house by boarding up windows failures and applying tarps

water mitigation spokane

Mold removal is a process that will remove all the mold in your house, including black mold with bacteria and fungi that can pose a substantial threat, but it is not enough because a mold remediation will solve all the future problems like rotting of wood, microbial growth and contamination with a significant degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants including microorganisms. Mold removal will not prevent mold to grow again so we offer a full-service of mold remediation that involves in eliminating harmful mold growth on the sagging plaster that is grossly unsanitary, we will fully sanitize your house. Our experts understand mold growth’s critical nature (mostly temperature) and will reduce mold in your house to a harmless level. Our team can also remove whatever stain or multiple stains in your house.

mold remediation

A sump pump is a must have extraction equipment in basements that are prone to floods and can mar a surface, our sump pumps will send water away from your house to any place where it is no longer problematic.

sump pump spokane

Water leaks can range from the simple drip, drip of the leaky faucet to a catastrophic burst pipe or multiple burst pipes. If water leaks are not fixed by a plumber sooner or later will make an appearance in your life through losses and intruding. You can fix some water leaks if you’re an industrious homeowner, but in most cases the help of a professional is needed. Our professionals can help you fix also roof leaks, ceiling leaks and other leaks that could cause problems in heavy rain.

water leaks reparation spokne

Thanks to our odor removal service you can eliminate smells from pets, smoke and other sources that cause discomfort, we will deodorize your house in the best possible way. Some odors have nothing to do about not cleaning, but are embedded deep down (even into hardwood and plasterboard) and can cause a lot of problems even to the health

odor removal spokane

Some of Our Testimonials and Reviews

They helped us fix an unexpected structural water issue that affected the basement (entirely flooded), the subfloor and part of the floors(fortunately it didn’t affect the interior upstairs) due to a gutters problem. They came over the exact same day we called for an inspection and provided a detailed breakdown of how best to address the issue (category 2 water damage) and provided a detailed estimate after that. They were the only company who truly knew how to solve the issue and suggest other solutions that no other company even thought of. The day the work was to start they showed up on time, prepped, protected all appliances with insulation tape and furniture and completed the work over the course of the next day. They always left the job site extremely clean and orderly and were respectful of our home in every way. The owner of the company went out of his way to communicate in a clear way and provided help and assistance on another small matter outside the scope of work at no additional charge. The results were extremely positive and we could not have been more satisfied. The work was top notch and the price was fair. We highly recommend this water restoration company! It is one of the best companies in Spokane.

Charles M

They listened to all my concerns and questions about the water damage repair process (broken dishwasher hose = washing machine overflow release with contaminated grey water) due to small intrusions and groundwater seepage due to hydrostatic failure that affected also the door with a tiny crack. They were very patient with me which was very comforting to me. After our call on Monday, they arrived promptly and restored my home in less than 24 hours, an instantaneous service for a category 1 water damage and fire damage. I cannot not recommend this water damage restoration company in Spokane, I will always choose this company.

Dan W

We had a previous leak in our bathroom that turned into a lot catastrophic bigger leak with a big overflow (lots of gallons), resulting in a ton of water damage to our house (inundation) and also the condo below us. That is never good news, but one good part of this was the experience with the crew from Water Damage Soc of Spokane. My husband and I both really appreciate Marian and his crew and their help with this problem. Each time he came, Cody was incredibly respectful of our house, clear with his communication and also hard working and nice. Mike, the coordinator of the job was also very detailed and helpful. He did a great job explaining to us and speaking to the insurance  policy (we were very quick with the insurance claim) adjusters (Sewer and Drain Coverage) as well. Overall, they took a crappy situation and helped us through it as good as possible.

Anne M

This team was the best around. Marian and his team helped us through an extremely difficult remediation process due to a plumbing issue in my apartment (clogged toilets with broken discharge), category 3 water damage issue (sewage), and mold that affected some plywood and the couch. We had no idea how bad things were but they helped us through and were very knowledgeable and detailed. They were very cautious and gentle with the removal of all our appliances in the kitchen and also the kitchen sink, setting up the work space, clearing, drying-down, prepping, covering with low permeance/porosity vinyl and cleaning the space avoiding collapse on something and abatament. They were trustworthy and reliable. I hope that nobody is in need of their services, as it means they have had water damage and also for the cost, but if so, they are great and helped turn a stressful, difficult situation around. Thank you contractor!!! 

Michael S.

Area We Service

We provide water damage services in Spokane and in other communities: Spokane Valley, Airway Heights, Cheney, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Millwood, Spangle.